One of the best and highly rated websites for web hosting is the uploaded site that was established on December 24, 2008.

It is one of the most popular file host sites that you will come across on the internet that is known for its reliability and trustworthiness.

The Uploaded website is the 200th most visited websites on the internet, and this explains the popularity of this site. It is among the top 200 sites on the internet and is known for its high speed. You will very rarely come across a dead link on the uploaded premium account.

All you need to do is the press the link below to buy uploaded premium account and with faster gateways and instant activation, you will instantly get access to parallel downloads, download any number of files without ads, resume downloads and much more.

Uploaded premium


Secure And Safe Payment Options

Uploaded premium account can be purchased from the website through Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards and bank transfers.
Uploaded will be checking if you are the genuine user of the credit card over the phone when you buy the account.
The uploaded system will send you an SMS through which you will be receiving a PIN-Code. You will need to enter the PIN-Code in the appropriate box provided on your registration page to enter the checkout process.
This is to ensure a safe and secure payment process and none of your personal information will be shared with others.
Uploaded site will be getting our hone number so that the system texts you the applicable code of the length and duration of the subscription that you have purchased and this is done to prevent fraudulent use of credit cards.
People will be able to access an unlimited number of accounts through fraudulent online transactions through email account sign up. But, they will not be going to buy new mobile phone numbers all the time and this is the reason why testing is the option chosen by uploaded for credit card transactions. As uploaded is an established company, you can submit your details with the company without any worries that your data would be shared among others.

No recurring

Also, you will never have any problems of getting charge automatically for renewal of subscription as you can only have one premium account in your name and this will get cancelled automatically after the subscription is over.
There is no renewal of a premium account and you need to apply for a fresh one.

24 hours money back guarantee.

You have the option to get back your money if you do not like what uploaded dishes out for you.

Premium Plans

The premium plans offered by uploaded are:

  • 4.99 Euro for 2 days plan
  • 9.99 Euro for 30 days plan
  • 24.99 Euro for 90 days plan
  • 39.99 Euro for 180 days
  • 69.99 Euro for 365 days plan
  • 99.99 Euro for 730 days

  • Most of the people go for 180 day premium account plan.
    If you want lesser plan, then you can also go for 30 day plan as it is totally risk free.
    Buying the 730 day plan will work out to be a very cheap option for you.

    Once you make your payment, you will receive two emails from uploaded.
    One is confirming your purchase with a corresponding reference number and the other is a redemption coupon for an extra month.